Our origins

The Power House Rugby Union Football Club, known colloquially as Power House, was formed in 1933 and, excluding the years of World War 2, has functioned ever since. Power House’s clubrooms are located in Lakeside Drive, Albert Park, and plays on Noel Clarke field, off Aughtie Drive. 

In the early 1930s, our parent association “Lord Somers Camp and Power House” held youth camps at Somers on the shore of Westernport Bay, Victoria. The camp provided opportunities to teenage boys from all walks of life, aged between 15 and 17, to participate in a week of sport, learning and mateship. Many of the attendees banded together to continue their friendships, consequently leading to several clubs, including Rugby, Rowing and Hockey, being formed. To this day, the camp is still held once a year in January.


Early on Power House experienced many highs, with club legend Stan Bisset, emerging as a leader of the club. In 1938, Power House “A” Grade played twenty matches of which seventeen were won, two lost and one drawn. Facing off against a formidable opponent in Footscray- a team that had won the premiership the previous two years-, Stan Bisset and his men delivered an 18 to 8 victory over Footscray. Ultimately, leading Power House to triumphantly bring the first grade flag to Lakeside, Albert Park for the first time.

Hardship struck the club during World War 2, with many Power House members joining the Australian Defence Force. Members served in both the Army and Airforce arms of the ADF. Of particular note, was C Rifle Company in the 14th Militia Battalion, a training unit made up entirely of Power House members. Our members contributed to many campaigns across the world, such as the Middle East, Borneo and the infamous Kokoda track. Unfortunately, many members that joined the war paid the ultimate sacrifice and did not return. These members are honoured every ANZAC Day (April 25th), in which the club and its members hold a service to pay respect to those that served. 

In 1946, a year after World War 2 concluded, Power House joined the Dewar Shield competition. The club won its first First Grade Premiership in 1956, and have extended that to a total of 11 First Grade Premierships. The most recent premiership was part of the club’s triple crown in 2006, 2007 and 2008; head coached by Leni Tui, and captained by Josh Blanksby.

Power House has not just had success in the Men’s competition but also the women’s competition; attracting many women players, coaches and managers from all over the world. The Power House Women’s team competes in the Lindroth Cup, and has produced many talented players. The club’s most recent Lindroth Cup premiership was in 2019; coached by Christy O’Shea and led by club champion Carman Landkauf.   

Continually inspired by a history of service, community and mateship, Power House Rugby Union Football Club continues to pay homage to the clubs’ founders by offering an inclusive and diverse community for members to join, contribute to, and play their rugby. 

The 11 First Grade Premiership Teams winning the Dewar Shield:

1938 1956 1958 1968 1973 1974 1987 1997 2006 2007 2008

Power house rugby 1938
Power House Dewar 1973